Fartura Festival Brasil

In October 2019 I was invited to make this painting live during the Festival of Gastronomy Fartura Brasil, in Porto Alegre. It was a fun experience to paint among food and people around. The chosen theme was fruits, flowers and the Toucan, a dangered specie of tropical bird, which lives in the forests of South and Central America.

Tucano – 36 x 36″ – Oil on canvas – 2019 / Brazil

Maurício Porto at Vila Ventura Eco Resort – Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil


TropiCarmen II – Acrylic and Oil on Canvas 1,00 x 1,20m – 2019

Maurício Porto’s – Exhibition at Vila Ventura

The painter gathered the most recent creations of 2019, and works from his career to display at the resort’s lobby.

The exhibition included 15 paintings in different sizes, exploring artist’s favorite themes such as Pop Culture’s celebrities, going through the American singer Madonna, the Brazilian rock star Rita Lee and the forever iconic star Carmen Miranda, who became a trademark in Porto’s artwork.

Tropical images of birds, flowers and fruits can be found in other exposed canvases,  among faces and expressions.

About Maurício Porto

Maurício Porto is an artist and creative director in advertising. Born in Minas Gerais, he lived and worked in New York where he held group and individual exhibitions. Back in Brazil, he presents Pop Art influences in his painting. His main sources of inspiration are themes from the cultural media.


Rita Lee
Rita Lee Rock Star

Carmen Miranda
Carmen Miranda Spring








Happiness at DaVera Galeria – Sheraton Porto Alegre Hotel – 2018

The starting point of the exhibition Happiness are the portraits of Carmen Miranda, a trademark of Maurício Porto’s work. The show also features elements of nature mixed with iconic personalities in music and cinema. All the paintings are inspired by the concept of happiness, well-being and high spirits.

The exhibition will run from November 8th to 28th, at Galeria DAVERA, located on the 4th floor of Sheraton Porto Alegre Hotel.

In addition to Carmen Miranda, displaying flowers, birds and their famous bananas, the exhibition also brings the elegance of the unforgettable actress Audrey Hepburn, portrayed in a profile montage contemplating a hummingbird on a blue background in the tone of the New York Tiffany store, scenery of the most famous film by the Hollywood star, Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

The singers Madonna and Rita Lee are also highlights – the North American was portrayed in an exuberant and sensual way, while the Brazilian rocker got psychedelic flowers along with her famous round glasses.
A canvas with the Buddha image complements the Happinness sequence, which, according to the artist, seeks to “translate the feeling of a meditative sigh in the midst of a turbulent world”.

The Happiness show is sponsored by Óptica Foernges, with cultural support Essere Joias, Finger Móveis Planados and Bella Vista Arte & Molduras.

Maurício Porto has a degree in Advertising in Rio de Janeiro, where he lived for 15 years, before spending a period in New York participating in exhibitions. Maurício has lived in Porto Alegre since 2005, exhibiting his art and practicing advertising. In March 2016, he paid tribute to Carmen Miranda with the show The Brazilian Bombshell, which was on display at Casa de Cultura Mario Quintana. Her work brings influences from Pop Art, along with elements of Brazilian culture.

“Maurício Porto’s work includes portraits of celebrities and study of personalities. Its dynamic representation of people communicates the gestures and feelings of Pop Culture icons. They hide, they sing, they pose and are revealed. Porto reveals the strong characteristic of its themes through generous lines and colors, combining portrayal and representation with a sophisticated position in cultural mediation. ” – Angella di Bello, curator of Agora Gallery / New York

Good Morning Carmen Miranda!



Take a bow: the new Consulate of the United States in Porto Alegre has aquired a work by Mauricio Porto.

Read the news here: http://www.osul.com.br/tic-tac-6/

Below is the painting that was acquired by the American Consulate, to be opened in Porto Alegre in 2017.


Title: Good Morning Carmen Miranda – 0,80 x 1,20m – Acrylic and oil on canvas – 2016