Press Release – Carmen Miranda – The Brazilian Bombshell


Exhibition Carmen Miranda – The Brazilian Bombshell – integrates the celebrations of the International Women’s Day in Porto Alegre

Signed by the artist Mauricio Porto, paintings will be presented next March 8 at the Casa de Cultura Mario Quintana

“A Pequena Notável”(The Remarkable Little), affectionate nickname given by the public and critics to Carmen Miranda, reveals the strength of one of Hollywood’s best-paid stars in the 40’s and 50’s. With musicals and movies that were box office hits in America, The Brazilian Bombshell – title given to her by an American journalist – wins an exhibition of paintings presented in oil and acrylic on canvas technique. Open to the public, the exhibition will be signed by the artist Maurício Porto, who promises to reveal “O que é que a baiana tem” (What does a woman from Bahia have), one of Carmen Miranda’s famous songs. The event is part of the celebrations of International Women’s Day and takes place at the Casa de Cultura Mario Quintana, from March 8 to 31, 2016 – with opening on Tuesday 08.

In eight paintings presented in large size, very colorful bananas and the unforgettable balangandãs, which made her world famous will be there. In the portfolio of Mauricio Porto there are several paintings on Carmen Miranda, a work that became such a trademark of his paintings during his period in New York, with half-faces portraying Carmen. For this exhibition, the artist searched for new images and references, showing the star with its striking expressions in new frames and close-ups.

Participation of Essere Jewelry in the painting “What does a woman from Bahia have”

On the larger painting of the show, a panel measuring 1.50 x 1.50m, under the title of one of the greatest successes of Pequena Notável – What does a woman form Bahia have – Mauricio Porto presents a Carmen Miranda quite contemporary. In addition to the bananas and tropical flowers in the turban, the star was painted sporting a set of jewels – earring and gold bracelet – designed by Beatriz Zaluski of Essere Jewelry. The inspiration for the pieces refers to fashion in the 50’s with their voluminous frills, with movement, characteristic present in the clothes of the diva. The jewelry brand that has a vanguard concept, bet on the artist from Minas Gerais to show his work. Essere also signs the show as one of the sponsors.

Musical Homage

The singer Maria Luiza Fontoura, one of the most promising young talents of the music scene in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, will make a pocket show singing songs eternalized in the voice of Carmen Miranda. Maria Luiza belongs to the group Samba e Amor, along with the guitarist Lucas de Azevedo, who will also participate in the presentation.

About Carmen Miranda

Carmen Miranda was born in Portugal, migrating to Brazil before she was one year old, along with her family. She grew up in Rio de Janeiro where developed her musical talent, later exported to the United States, where she lived until her death in 1955. Until these days her influence in fashion, art and culture are visible.

About the artist Maurício Porto

Mauricio Porto is an artist and advertising professional. Born in Minas Gerais, he stayed for a while in New York where doing collective and solo exhibitions. Back in Brazil, he lives in Porto Alegre, where he has shown his work in several galleries. His artwork has influences of American Pop Art mixed with Brazilian elements.

“His work embraces a celebrity portraiture of and personality study. His dynamic depicition of people communicates the gestures and feelings of these icons in popular culture. They hide, they sing, they pose and they are revealed. Porto reveals the strong character of its themes through generous lines and colors, combining portrayal and representation with a sophisticated positioning in cultural mediation. “Said Angella di Bello, curator of the exhibition”Carmen Back On Broadway” – Maurício Porto at Agora Gallery, in New York in 2001.

The sponsorship of the exhibition also carries the signature of: Rio Grande Seguros, along with the cultural support of the brands Bella Vista Frames, Carmen Steffens, Coralia, D’Bistrô Patisserie, Finger Planted Furniture, Lili’Scent Olfactory Marketing, Coin Restaurant, Picfly Portraits,  Casa Fontanari Winery, Vila Boutique and Samba e Amor.


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