Maurício Porto at Vila Ventura Eco Resort – Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil


TropiCarmen II – Acrylic and Oil on Canvas 1,00 x 1,20m – 2019

Maurício Porto’s – Exhibition at Vila Ventura

The painter gathered the most recent creations of 2019, and works from his career to display at the resort’s lobby.

The exhibition included 15 paintings in different sizes, exploring artist’s favorite themes such as Pop Culture’s celebrities, going through the American singer Madonna, the Brazilian rock star Rita Lee and the forever iconic star Carmen Miranda, who became a trademark in Porto’s artwork.

Tropical images of birds, flowers and fruits can be found in other exposed canvases,  among faces and expressions.

About Maurício Porto

Maurício Porto is an artist and creative director in advertising. Born in Minas Gerais, he lived and worked in New York where he held group and individual exhibitions. Back in Brazil, he presents Pop Art influences in his painting. His main sources of inspiration are themes from the cultural media.


Rita Lee
Rita Lee Rock Star
Carmen Miranda
Carmen Miranda Spring








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